Strategic Insights
That Build Business

STAR: Strategy, Analytics and Research

Business strategies that grow marketing opportunities where consumers live.

Katz Media Group’s STAR (Strategy, Analytics and Research) Team is focused on building business strategies and actionable insights that grow opportunities for marketers to reach consumers where they live.  The STAR Team is a group of professional strategists who provide clients with cutting-edge analytics, insights and approaches to business issues.  The team is diversified across three core areas:

State-of-the-art, positioning solutions for Katz Media Group’s 4000+ Radio and TV station partners nationwide.
Customized insights across the marketing spectrum for Katz Media Group clients.
Consultative, content services for Katz Media Group clients.

The STAR Team is at the center of thought-leadership for Katz Media Group, conducting primary research and custom client studies to unearth new insights about consumer behavior, evaluate successful national spot media campaigns and promote the broadcast medium.

Insights from Katz Media Group's 2016 Political Research Initiative: