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Leading the media sales industry for more than 125 years.


The Katz organization was born out of an innovative spirit that has infused the organization to this day, creating a cutting-edge company of the future. From an idea to the nation’s largest media representation company with more than $3 billion in annual sales – there are few organizations that can demonstrate such a long history of success.

In the late 1880’s, trailblazer Emmanuel Katz had a vision – to create a company that manages advertising sales for media outlets. In 1888, Katz founded the first-ever media sales company when he launched his own business, taking on newspaper clients around the country. Katz was a born entrepreneur, with a keen understanding of media trends, as well as a natural instinct for business development. Through his vision, the company started selling radio time in the 1930s, and television time as early as 1947.

Since those early years, the growth of Katz Media Group has been phenomenal. After selling its newspaper division in 1969, the company focused its attention on electronic media, and from 1975-1990, Katz tripled in size. Today’s media marketplace is larger than ever. Thanks to our market dominance and the most experienced, motivated workforce in the industry, we have remained at the forefront of ad sales for more than 125 years.